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Don't Bring These Inappropriate Coffee Mugs To The Office

Don't Bring These Inappropriate Coffee Mugs To The Office

February 06, 2023

There’s nothing quite like a freshly-made cup of coffee to make you feel energized and ready to tackle whatever tasks lie ahead during the day unless your choice of mug sends an entirely different message. While graphic statement coffee mugs can amuse those around you, your colleagues might find it distracting or even offensive if you bring the wrong one into the office.

Save yourself from an awkward moment and stick with classic custom coffee mugs without intricate graphic designs or graphic wording to help maintain a professional atmosphere in the workplace. In this blog post, we’ll explore some types of graphic statement mugs to avoid bringing into your office and why it’s best to keep these cups away from curious eyes. Read on to get important insights about what kind of mugs you should steer clear from.

Stop Asking Why I'm Still Single. I Don't Ask Why You're Still Married

People often joke about their single life in the office, but there is a certain printed coffee mug that should not be brought to work. The graphic on this ceramic vessel states,” Stop Asking Why I’m Still Single. I Don’t Ask Why You’re Still Married”. While it might make for a good laugh with your friends outside of the working environment, it breaks the boundaries in the workplace and could be perceived as spiteful and highly inappropriate.

Bringing this graphic coffee mug to the office can evoke unwanted conversations and an unprofessional atmosphere, which no one wants to deal with during work hours. So let’s not bring this statement mug to the office and keep it drama-free.

I Don't Constantly Need To Be Sober

If you’re planning on bringing your inappropriate coffee mug that explicitly states “I Don’t Constantly Need To Be Sober” to the office, think again! It may be your go-to mug when you’re out and about, but depending on the professionalism of the work environment, it could send a negative message to employers and colleagues.

Rather than entertaining your peers, it may make them think you can’t handle stress or are unprofessional in your behavior. Your graphic coffee mug has one job, to hold that delicious brew, and you should take its graphic content to heart and leave it at home when going to work. It isn’t worth making an early impression with this kind of statement printed on an eye-catching vessel, not in the professional world, anyways.

I Wonder If You Look Both Ways Before Getting On My F--king Nerves

Coffee mug with the statement “I Wonder If You Look Both Ways Before Getting On My F–king Nerves” must be left out of the workplace. It can bring unwanted attention to the workplace and isn’t a great conversation started with the boss. 

 A printed coffee mug should appropriately reflect someone’s personality, and it’s best to avoid situations that put colleagues or bosses in an uncomfortable position. While this statement can be expressed around friends in a different setting, it may be interpreted as rude and insensitive by your coworkers. So leave this custom coffee mug at home, but find another one that shows your quirky sense of humor in a professional environment. 

I Could Get On Your Level, But I Don't Like Being On My Knees As Much As You Do

Another graphic statement coffee mug that should not be brought to the workplace says, “I Could Get On Your Level, But I Don’t Like Being On My Knees As Much As You Do”. Unless you want to be making headlines by starting the day with a controversial graphic statement, bringing this mug to work is not advisable.

Bringing a statement mug like this to the office space indicates passive-aggressive behavior and could cause tension within the workplace. The last thing anyone needs is to be uncomfortable in their work setting, so try to stick to something more professional and appropriate.

Pretending To Be Polite Is So Exhausting

It’s important to remember that some printed coffee mug messages may not be appropriate for the office. With the graphic statement mug featuring the phrase “Pretending To Be Polite Is So Exhausting”, coworkers will get negative vibes from you.  Nothing may ruin a cool work atmosphere like this printed coffee mug chatting away as you enjoy an espresso or other hot drink.

It’s important to find a balance between expressing yourself and respecting your colleagues, so avoid potentially awkward situations and choose another graphic coffee mug. For a supportive and healthy workspace, it’s best to seek out graphic mugs with positive messages that promote good vibes in the office.

Check out the Printed Coffee Mug: 

Get Me Drunk & Enjoy The Show

In the office, sayings on coffee mugs can be a great way to liven up your desk, but some graphic mugs can be inappropriate. For example, a coffee mug that reads “Get Me Drunk & Enjoy The Show” is an unsuitable printed mug. This mug is ill-timed, and its message could also come off as offensive or disrespectful.

It will generate laughs for the wrong reasons and negativity affect your professionalism and credibility. Taking pride in your work environment should be of utmost importance to any employee, and having an offensive printed coffee mug sends the wrong message. So next time you head to the office, think twice about bringing along a coffee mug with questionable content.

6 Feet Of Dirt Would Look Good On You

While graphic coffee mugs can make for a unique conversation started in the office, it is important to remember that there’s a line between quirky and inappropriate. A mug with a graphic that reads “6 Feet Of Dirt Would Look Good On You” will cause more harm than good in an office setting. It’s not a positive or motivating message and can bring down morale.

Show your coworkers that you are open to lightheartedness but aware of when crossing boundaries by choosing printed coffee mugs that promote positivity and motivation. Let this statement be a distant memory while you show off fun graphic mugs with inspiring phrases like “Choose Joy” or “ Work Hard”. As a result, the office environment will be much brighter and more productive, with good vibes being spread around.

Check out the Printed Coffee Mug: 6 Feet Of Dirt Would Look Good On You

Final words..

Visiting the office station shouldn’t be an issue of judgment, so it’s necessary to go to work prepared with the right mug. Inappropriate coffee mugs can make harsh statements and send negative messages, so avoid bringing them into the workplace. Instead, choose something that will bring joy to your coworkers and reveal your commitment to sustainable life choices.

It’s always wise to take a moment and consider whether something is appropriate before bringing it into the office. If a mug speaks to you, save it for your time or when around friends. Let’s ensure all offices remain dignified and professional so that everyone can work comfortably and productively in their environment.

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