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Basics You Needs In Your Closet

Basics You Needs In Your Closet

January 20, 2023

Are you tired of staring into your closet and feeling completely overwhelmed with what to wear? You’re not alone. With trends constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up, but no matter the trend, everyone needs certain classic items in their wardrobe for any occasion.

If you’re ready to build a cool wardrobe but don’t know where to start, add the essential graphic statement tees and stylish hats to your closet. Printed graphic tees and hats are versatile pieces that can be styled for any occasion and will never go out of style. So whether you’re looking for something subtle, bold, or playful, you’ll find yourself reaching for your favorite graphic t-shirts and hats over and over.

Graphic tees and hats are basics that work with almost any outfit, casual and dressy. Perfect for days when you want an effortless, stylish look, this combination is a great way to show off your playful personality or infuse a bit of humor. When styled correctly, they can create a unique look every time you step out. Read on to discover all the must-haves that everyone needs in their closets.  

How Do I Sleep Knowing People Don’t Like Me?  Me: Um.. With The Fan On.

For anyone that cannot express themselves verbally but still wants to make a statement, a graphic statement tee is the way to go. The one that says, “How Do I Sleep Knowing People Don’t Like Me? Me: Um.. With The Fan On” makes an impact. It's thought-provoking and humorous, reminding those who read it not to take themselves so seriously and laugh sometimes. 

Not only do the words give you a much-needed reminder to stop worrying about what other people think, but it does so in a creative and fun way. This printed statement tee is a must-have as it brings a sense of positivity and a cool attitude to any wardrobe while inspiring us to stay unconstrained by opinions and move forward with confidence, even if some people don’t like us.     

Don’t Judge Me By Pounds And I Won’t Judge You By Inches.

The saying, “Don’t Judge Me By Pounds And I Won’t Judge You By Inches” on a printed graphic tee is an uplifting reminder that we are all unique and should accept everyone for who they are. We each have our body shapes, sizes, and proportions. Rather than judging one another by physical measurements and appearances, it’s important to focus on making internal improvements in our lives, loving ourselves, and showing mutual respect to everyone around us. 

This printed graphic tee sends a message that we should empower one another in this journey instead of competing or comparing ourselves with each other. It’s a fun way to spice up your wardrobe while conveying an inspiring message of acceptance, respect, and self-love! 

Keep My Name Out Of Your Low Budget Conversations

Showcase your attitude and style with the eye-catching graphic tee stating, “ Keep My Name Out Of Your Low Budget Conversations”. Strut your stuff while sending the message that you want to keep your name out of anyone’s low-budget conversations. Embrace being yourself and express your high standards for the talks and the company that occupies your life.

Show your friends and family that you value yourself and demand respect; it will remind you of your worth. So slip into this stylish graphic tee and enter any room exuding confidence, knowing that everyone will recognize your strength and resilience. 

Check out the Graphic Tee: Keep My Name Out Of Your Low Budget Conversations

I Was Told There Would Be Drinking 

Add this stylish yet classic graphic hat that says, “ I Was Told There Would Be Drinking” to your accessories to make this statement easily. Wearing it will create an exciting and engaging conversation piece while also declaring to the world that you’re out to have a great time.

It’s perfect for expressing yourself, getting into the party mood, and drawing attention. So add this fabulous piece to your wardrobe accessories and let everyone know what you’re hoping for tonight.

I’ll Just Have The Chicken Tenders

If you want to take your fashion game to the next level, nothing says it better than adding this graphic hat saying “I’ll Just Have The Chicken Tenders” in your closet. This dynamic piece will give your wardrobe a fun and edgy look that will draw eyes everywhere and make it easy to express your love for this tasty treat. 

Whether you like them plain, spiced up with sauces, or in a sandwich wrap, make sure everyone knows about your passionate food preference. Who said comfort food has to be boring? So spice up your closet with this funky graphic hat, and be sure you always have chicken tenders!

Smile If You’re Dead Inside

 Another awesome hat you need is one saying,”Smile If You’re Dead Inside”. Wearing this stylish graphic hat can be the perfect way to bring joy and sunshine into the world. After all, what’s life without a smile? This hat will cheer anyone having a particularly sad day, and you can share your good vibes with others while still expressing yourself through fashion.  

It can be a light-hearted reminder that while life can get tough at times, there is still much joy to be found within it. This printed graphic hat is a great way to show you care and put a smile on people’s faces, especially those feeling disheartened. So get this statement hat and rock it; you never know who may cheer up and join in on the fun.

Final thoughts..

So, ladies, graphic statement tees and hats should be our wardrobe staples. Whether you prefer statement tees, hats, or both, it's easy to find something that fits your style. Being able to show off your unique flair and style with these awesome items is something every woman should have in their closet. 

Whether it’s an iconic quote on a t-shirt or a classic hat that speaks volumes with its style alone, take the step today to add these basics to your existing closet that’ll have every eye gazing upon you with admiration. Visit Hippie Runner and pick your favorite stylish graphic tees and hats today. Let's put those style skills to use and make some fashion statements today!

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