Pour Some Gravy On Me ~ NEW – Hippie Runner

Pour Some Gravy On Me ~ NEW

$ 23.00

Gravy is the new black! Give your wardrobe a saucy upgrade with this swag graphic design tee. It's sure to leave everyone asking for seconds.

Douse yourself with deliciousness and turn up the flavor in your style by wearing this queen graphic tee. Add some sizzle to your wardrobe with this swagtastic graphic design tee. With the phrase "Pour Some Gravy On Me", you'll be sure to turn heads and leave 'em wanting more!

That ratatouille craving got you down? Spruce up your style with this swaggy printed tee and rock around town looking ultra cool. It's the perfect way for any foodie to add some spice - and just a bit of saucy seasoning into their wardrobe. Gravy, meet fashion - let the good times roll!