Three Things I Wish: 1. A 2. B--ch 3. Would (NEW) – Hippie Runner

Three Things I Wish: 1. A 2. B--ch 3. Would (NEW)

$ 23.00

Show the world you don't mess around with this stylish, printed, swag graphic design tee!

Anyone who thinks your kindness means weakness is in for a rude awakening. Put on this fashionable statement and slip into superhero mode, remember that politeness doesn't mean passivity; sometimes it takes more courage to keep cool than react impulsively.

This mom shirt is for the soft-spoken superheroes among us. It's a gentle reminder to your opponents that you won't take kindly if push comes to shove, no matter how sweet and mild-mannered you may appear. With this queen graphic tee, let 'em know they'd better respect your boundaries or risk an unexpected punchline they didn't expect from such a polite individual.